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R1 Pro Ceramic Coating

The ultimate protection and lasts up to 5 YEARS! Protects vehicle from weather, chemicals, and UV rays, while repelling water, dirt, and other contaminants. 9H hardness (Highest Available)

Vinyl Wraps

Trained & Certified by Rightlook, we utilize Avery Dennison Vinyl, which has a plethora of colors and design to pick from. We are your vinyl wrap experts. 
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Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the process of toning down and reducing light, medium and heavy scratching in the clear coat. It also removes oxidation so that the paint has a single reflective shine.


Headlight restoration, leather treatment, chrome/glass polishing & engine bay are a few examples of our reconditioning services. Each of these vehicle surfaces are reconditioned by using different products, techniques and processes.


Professional automotive detailing is much more than a deep clean. It is the process of cleaning, restoring and protecting interior and exterior surfaces. Detailing is maintenance!

Attention N’ Detail is a trained and certified ceramic coating, paint correction, auto detailing, reconditioning  and Vinyl Wrap installer business based in Logan, Utah. We take pride in being trained by professionals in the automotive reconditioning industry. Attending an auto reconditioning school has given us the knowledge to take care of a vehicle properly. We make certain to use proper techniques, products, and equipment when taking care of your second largest investment. We love taking care of your vehicle from the day you buy it or soon after. Either way, we want to help! We have a passion for the automotive industry. We are certified reconditioning specialists

where Every Detail Matters

We decided to start a auto reconditioning business in Logan, Utah because there needed to be true quality and value in this industry.  We love seeing a vehicle stay and look as good as it can because it is being taken care of.  It is satisfying to us to see our customers love their vehicle each and every time we detail it; whether that is every year, month, or somewhere in between.

Detailing is about taking care of your vehicle on a regular basis.  We have the best packages, products, and equipment to ensure this.  Many times detailing can get confused with a vehicle cleaner or car wash.  They are two very different things and we find joy in educating society in the automotive reconditioning industry.  Our biggest joy and best customers are those who want to take care of their vehicle regularly.  This means cleaning it properly, restoring it to its best condition, and protecting it with the best product. We stand out because we are not just detailiers. We are Reconditioning Specialists!

Our biggest goal and effort is to make our customers happy!  We enjoy serving in the community wherever possible and being an uplifting and supportive business to individuals or other businesses.  The best thing about life is being able to connect with others.  We strive to instill caring, giving, and kindness in everything we do!  In work or our personal lives…life is about people and the connections we make.  We want to get to know you and help you in the best way we can.

Remember we are trained and certified as reconditioning specialists, we care, and we want to help you take care of your vehicle properly so it lasts longer and looks the best it can the entire life cycle you own it.  Connections and relationships are the pluses we gain with our customers.

Being trained and certified as reconditioning specialists, R1 Pro approved applicators & Vinyl Wrap installers gives both the customer and the one performing the task the confidence to know that the job is and will be done properly.

We use tools that are made for the industries we are trained and certified in. One of these tools is our dual action polisher. It ensures no burning or swirling. Having training gives us technique that is learned not thought up. It is systematic and proven. We use products with the highest quality and protection from a company that has been in the industry for over 30 years. We always focus on Quality over quantity!

The service was impeccable. Nick was extremely knowledgeable and kind. He helped a confused college girl figure out what was needed to help maintain and keep the car nice. Overall, 1000/10 service and I will definitely be going back.

Ashton Snarr

Nick does an amazing job! My car feels new again, every month!

Darla Bentley

Nick did a AMAZING job on my Jeep. He is very professional and walks you through all your options so you get your best deal. He is also very personable, and you can tell that he cares about his customers and their vehicles. Not to mention he is very fast and efficient. I’ll definitely be back. Highly recommend!

Alex Olschewski

These guys are very honest and do amazing work. They did a R1 coating on my truck last year and revived it this year and it looks brand new. The coating is holding up just like they said it would. I had an issue with my mirror an the owner called me right away and handled the situation very professionally. This company has earned my business they are awesome.

Mark Riley

Amazing job on my car! I never thought my car could shine like that! I am so pleased with the results that Nick did on my car. I didn't even have to be there the whole time. I trusted my beloved car to his care and he really did deliver with providing the best cleaning possible. I will definitely be back for another detail in the future! Highly recommended.

Matthew McGary

I am very happy with how the Pro Ceramic service turned out! It has made the vehicle look so much better, and it is so much easier to clean. I cannot express enough how great the service was. Nick did an amazing job. He is super honest, and takes pride in his work. Plus, he is a very nice person to talk with and truly cares! I can't wait to have him continue to service my vehicle and ceramic coat any of my future vehicles.

Tim Shupe

Nick did an amazing job on my car! Hadn't seen it shine so much since I bought. So nice, professional, and easy to work with. Definitely recommend! We also live close to him and he's always working hard on detailing and always does an amazing job!

Jasmine Chaltron

Best car detailing experience of my life. Extremely punctual, professional, detail oriented, quick to respond in any form of communication. Honestly one of the nicest guys I have ever met and the cars looked better than when they were on the lot.


I could not believe my eyes when Nick was done with my son's truck. IT LOOKS BRAND NEW. Nick showed up right on time. I can't thank you enough. I will highly recommend you.

Cindy Moore Howell

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