R1 Pro Ceramic Coating

“Traditional car waxes and paint sealants wear off with washing and exposure to the elements, often needing to be re-applied after weeks or months. With R1 Coatings™ Pro, you will enjoy years of protection and shine!”
~ R1 Coatings


  • Permanent Protection
    From The Elements
  • Mar, Scratch, and
    Chip Resistant
  • Twice as Hydrophobic as
    Traditional Wax
  • Protects From UV damage,
    Acid Rain, & Bird Droppings
  • Withstands Heat Up To
    1800 Degree C
  • Works on Wheels, Paint,
    Glass, trim, and more!
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Vinyl Wraps

Attention N’ Detail is your Vinyl wrap expert installers. Trained & Certified by Rightlook, we utilize Avery Dennison Vinyl which has a plethora of colors and designs to pick from. With free estimates and either full or partial wraps available, we can help make your vehicle unique and special to you. 

Why choose Attention N’ Detail to install your Vinyl Wrap?

  • Only about 3% of industry businesses are certified. We don’t learn our expertise from YouTube, we go to school for it!  When you choose Attention N’ Detail, you get someone who it professionally trained and is educated to wrap your vehicle
  • We utilize Avery Dennison Vinyl and understand it’s properties to get the best results
  • We use SOP(Systematic Operating Procedure) to obtain consistent and proper results. Following these steps give you the peace of mind that your vinyl wrap is completed correctly. We use the tools, products, and procedures that are meant for the vinyl wrap installation industry.
  • We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, the corners and edges. We take the time to make sure each corner and edge is precisely finished
  • We will never over heat or overstretch the vinyl
  • There are do’s and don’ts with any wrap. We provide a list and walk you through the process & care of your vinyl so you get the most out of your wrap

Other Vinyl related services

  • De-badging a vehicle (Taking off any and all emblems. We can also replace them with new or different ones if you desire)
  • Removing vinyl decals from the factory (such as Pin stripes, logos, etc.)
  • Vinyl wraps for Interior surfaces
vehicle wrap certificate

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the process of removing oxidation & toning down/reducing light, medium, and heavy scratching in the clear coat back to a like new condition. Using our Dual Action polisher(s) with specifically designed pads and products; we compound and polish the surface of the vehicle using trained and certified techniques.

This is a process that takes time and patience to be sure it is done correctly!  To ensure that every square inch of the vehicles paint has a single reflective shine.

Often times Paint Correction is needed because of improper washing, vehicle not being properly protected, abrasive car washes, improper cleaning techniques, wrong chemicals, and incorrect tools/machines.

We will properly correct your vehicle and then give you the protection and education you need to help it stay that way.


Reconditioning is different from detailing by the type of surfaces that are being cleaned/protected. Each of these vehicle surfaces are reconditioned & protected by using different products, techniques, and processes.

  • Headlight restoration
  • Engine bay detail
  • Chrome polish
  • Glass polish
  • Leather treatment
  • Water spot removal
  • Fabric Protectant

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